I Want to Sell, What is the Best Way?

Are you looking to sell your home with flawless effort?

I just want to sell quickly, do we really have to do all that?

Sell Your HomeMost of the time the sale of a house goes smoothly, but  to sell a house is not simple. There are a lot of things you have to do. Some are time sensitive tasks that are oft legal and statutory so you can’t mess them up. That’s the good news… The bad news is Murphy’s Law.  Any seasoned real estate professional has stories about Old Murphy.  The good news again is that the systems we have in place seem to have put Murphy on extended leave. So the list below theorizes some of the items required to sell a home with flawless effort:   ;-)

  • Fully know the market – trends, what sells, what doesn’t and why.
  • Have all marketing requirements in place ahead of time.
  • If you really want your home to sell, then price it aggressively but appropriately.  The most successful sellers are the ones that live in reality.
  • Ask if the home is desirable to the largest pool of buyers or what will it take to get there if it is not?
  • Market the home – to real estate associates, to the community and to the world outside your community.
  • Arrange and host agent and broker tours.
  • Create property flyers.
  • Publish on the web, and write posts.  Be connected to social media.
  • Be insured and protected legally.
  • Shoot property videos and upload to website(s) and YouTube.
  • Hold open houses and advertise them in newspapers and office wide communique’.
  • Belong to a nationally-recognized company that has supporting agents and a strong exposure to corporate transfers, national and international leads.
  • Service the hundreds of calls about the property.
  • Once an offer is presented, negotiate wisely and bring some common sense to the table.
  • After an offer is accepted, know which disclosures or documents are needed.
  • Ensure the timely review and signing of time-sensitive documents, so the contract is not breached.
  • Maintain close ties with other reliable, outside real estate professionals that will help enable the transaction to close safely and efficiently.
  • Be a trusted adviser with integrity and honesty.

I can sell your house because I have the tools and resources to do so.  Let’s visit to discuss this all important event.

Rick Ortega  970-948-9595

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