I want to buy, Where is the best place?

Looking to buy a home in the Palms Springs / La Quinta Area?

Rick says “Let’s settle down and think this out before we buy on price.  Let’s look at the whole package including: location, lifestyle, your wants and needs.”

Buy the best deals No matter what your price range, there’s no question that you want a good deal.  No one wants to buy a home that they’ll over pay for. Buyers first however, want a great home!  It makes no sense to get a good buy on something you don’t want.  The good news is that there still are good buys out there and many of those homes come with high levels of quality and style.  Going beyond all that, lets look at the bigger picture which is all about you.  It all has to do with who you are,  what your lifestyle is about, what you are interested in and what makes you happy.  When I understand you and what you like, then finding a great home for you is usually not a problem. The house that you purchase should embrace your personality.  A home has been defined as a “congenial environment”, a place to “feel at ease”, a “place of comfort”. This is what I specialize in, finding homes that fit your personality!


I am a phone call or an email away.  :)   Rick Ortega 970-948-9595

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